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Sonar Soul – Trip To A

Check out our latest video for first Sonar Soul‘s release on U Know Me Records “Trip To A” EP [UKM 034].

You can find the digital version here and the vinyl will be ready in the end of September!

-- 09/09/2014 @ 09:27

Teielte – Subcity

Brand new videoclip for the first single from Teielte‘s “All Things” LP [UKM 032].

Teielte’s LP is already available on digital and vinyl!

-- 16/08/2014 @ 11:08

Glorious Remix Contest

glorious contest

Do you want to be officially released on U Know Me Records?

There is a chance for all producers – Glorious Remix Contest.

Do you know Night Marks Electric Trio‘s track “Glorious Tune” featuring Raashan Ahmad?

Now you can make your own version and win the release on official Night Marks Electric Trio CD.

Please download the waves: https://www.mediafire.com/?8d2a3p4z3t88sxp

And do your best!

Deadline: 01.09.14

Send your final version to: konkurs@junoumi.com

Good luck!

-- @ 10:54

Night Marks Electric Trio feat. Archeo

New, amazing video for the second single from Night Marks Electric Trio debut EP.

NMET EP is already available on digital and the vinyl is on the way!

-- 11/08/2014 @ 12:54

en2ak – Pope’s Sinister Laugh

New official video for en2ak.

en2ak “3″ LP is still available on vinyl and digital!

-- 01/04/2014 @ 07:33

XXANAXX – Got U Under

Please have a look on the “Got U Under” official video.

XXANAXX debut EP is still available on vinyl and digital!

-- 12/03/2014 @ 13:45

U Know Me Showcase IV

Buszkers and Groh delivered a special mix of latest and forthcoming UKM releases, including Roux Spana, Mr. Krime (Opolopo Remix!), Teielte (Emade Remix!) and Sonar Soul. Check out how we get those mysterious tunes.

U Know Me Showcase is available on our soundcloud and you can download it for free if you want.

-- 24/01/2014 @ 13:10

Invent featuring KRS-One and The Kid Daytona

Our 20th vinyl will be in shops next week!

This time Polish young producer Invent is mixing the old school with the new school: hip-hop legend KRS-One and newcomer The Kid Daytona in one track. If we add to this remixes made by Azari & III and Lunice you can see that we have here something really special.

Check out the video of making the cover by Forin – one of the most famous Polish street artists and designers.

More info soon…

-- 29/09/2013 @ 13:09

Night Marks Electric Trio

Super band from Wrocław is currently working on debut album for UKM.

Check out the first single with one and only Raashan Ahmad!

More info soon…

-- 24/09/2013 @ 10:04

Summer time!

We have two special summer releases:


1. Roux Spana “9 weeks of sun: Morning Heat” LP [UKM 025]   FREE DOWNLOAD

“9 weeks of sun: Morning Heat” continues the story that began a year ago (uknowme.bandcamp.com/album/roux-spana-9-weeks-of-sun-free-download). This time, though the songs are again based on samples from the soul and boogie-funk-joints from the mid-80s, the material is suppose to reflect the vibe of returning home an early morning and the atmosphere in the city when it awakes during the summer time.

“Morning heat” is no longer a weekly compilation, it is a story, full of grooves, cut guitar riffs, jagged synths, fat basses and the hottest sun.

Previous “9 weeks of sun” was created by the memories, the second part is giving the background to create the memories.


2. and the new Twardowski’s EP “Terms of Endearment” [UKM 030]

After 9 months Twardowski returns with a sophomore EP on Uknowme Records. This time he messed with the catalog numbers a bit: the EP – titled “Terms Of Endearment” – skipped a few numbers and will be released as UKM030 to commemorate the author’s birthday.

Just like the previous installment, the new EP also covers a specific facet of life. This time it’s all about the dynamics of relationships and giving voice to the eponymous “Terms Of Endearment”.
One can expect Twardowski’s collection of synths to feature prominently all over the album, combined with some clever sampling for a rich and warm sound. The EP is comprised of seven tracks, ranging from 90 to 110bpm (no one, especially the author expected to deliver a track as fast as 110bpm…), all instrumental save for chopped up vocal samples.


Enjoy the summer!

-- 02/07/2013 @ 09:17