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New project is on the way!

Meet SONAR: Łukasz Stachurko (aka Sonar Soul), Lena Osińska, Rafał Dutkiewicz and Artur Bogusławski.
Debut LP will appear on September.

It’s our first project with only Polish lyrics (most of them written by Mateusz Holak).

Check out the first SONAR’s EP – Vaga [UKM 046]
with amazing remixes from Hatti Vatti and Restrict Flavour.

and don’t miss our new d’n'b FREEBIE!

More info about SONAR on their FB Page.

-- 05/08/2016 @ 12:33

U Know Me Records Tour JAPAN 2016

In the end of May we have visited Japan for several shows. It was a blast!
We have also made a special, limited vinyl (30 copies) to commemorate this amazing tour.

This track is an official anthem of U Know Me Records Japan Tour 2016.
(RYSY feat. Justyna Święs, Hatti Vatti & Lady Katee , DJ Groh)

-- @ 12:16

Lower Entrance – Butterlies LP

New album from one of UKM finest talents. Lower Entrance lives in Ireland but he is a well established producer in Poland. After an amazing debut EP in 2011 he started working with artists from all fields of music industry. Two years ago he produced one of 2014 biggest Polish hip-hop tunes – Ten Typ Mes “Love your life”. Right now his official debut LP shows what really floats his boat – electronic bass music. No guests required on “Butterlies” LP – Konrad alone brings you a lot of emotions and deep vibrant bass.

Lower Entrance – Butterlies LP [UKM 043] is also available on our Bandcamp.

-- 04/03/2016 @ 12:28

SOTEI (Sobura & Teielte)

SOTEI is a new project from two established Polish musicians. Teielte already released 4 EP/LPs and tons of remixes. As a producer he has got unique style and is well known for his live shows. His music is filled with bass, glitch and post hip-hop attitude. Sobura is a drummer, he released only one solo LP (“Organic Lo-Fi” LP – vinyl sold out), but he works with several projects as a drummer. He is also a band member of few biggest Polish stars (Nosowska, Skubas and more). Now Teielte and Sobura decided to work together on an album, which will be released in Spring 2016. It will be a mixture of dancefloor killers filled with amazing musical imagination of two openminded artists. They already play before Flying Lotus in Warsaw and just after the very first show their were signed to U Know Me Records. It’s a real bomb!

-- @ 12:22

5th Birthday

From September 2015 we are celebrating our 5th birthdays.

Groh & Buszkers have prepared special birthday mix.
We asked our artists to choose their favourite track from U Know Me Records catalogue. That is how the tracklist was create.


-- 14/11/2015 @ 19:48


We have just released our 29th vinyl of project called FFRANCIS – duo of Misia Furtak (Misia Ff, Très.B) & Piotr Kaliński (Hatti Vatti, HV/NOON).

The track was released only on limited edition, red 7″ vinyl (no digital).

Video was made by FFRANCIS during their visit in Japan (2015).

-- @ 19:33

RYSY – Traveler LP

Have you heard about RYSY?!

“Traveler” [UKM 040] LP is already available on digital!

-- 20/09/2015 @ 22:27

Galus – Flowers Eat Animals EP

We have something really special – new Galus‘ EP on U Know Me Records – “Flowers Eats Animals” EP [UKM 037].

After quite a long break, the artist behind one of the biggest bestsellers in U Know Me Records’ history is back. His previous album Futura sold out swiftly, and listeners’ appetite for new music from Galus (aka Rafał Gałaszewski) has been enormous.

Flowers Eats Animals is a remarkable record in many respects, and the artist himself describes it so:

The idea for the album came about in my mind around 2011. I got to the point where I didn’t really know what kind of music I wanted to make, but I also knew that I didn’t want to repeat the ideas that I had already recorded. I wanted this material to contain the entire cross-section of music that has always inspired me – electro-acoustic music, experimental music from the 60s, as well as the fusion of jazz, electronic music, and progressive rock. Deciding on the instrumentation for the recordings, and the final sound I wanted to achieve, was what took the longest. The original version of this record was recorded in late 2012, but it didn’t stand the test of time and only a sketch of one track survived and was further developed for this record. The original plan was for this record to be a full-length album, but it turned out that four tracks, and the format of an EP, ideally suited the themes I wanted to explore and conveys the direction in which I’m developing my music.

Five musicians joined Galus in recording the music for this record, including Elżbieta Baklarz, Dominika Gałązka, Marcel Mrozowski, Marek Pędziwiatr, and Wojciech Sobura.

Flowers Eat Animals was mastered by Mikołaj “Noon” Bugajak from the audio-games.pl studio. He described the EP:

It’s a great pleasure to hear original music that doesn’t follow any trends, but is the result of personal explorations. This is something that is truly lacking in our country.

Let’s not forget the graphic design, which in this case was created by Przemek “Sainer” Blejzyk from Etam Crew. We have good news for his fans as well – each vinyl record will include a poster of the EP’s cover artwork.

-- @ 22:20

Daniel Drumz – Floaters

Thanks to our friends and fans we can show you our new video clip.

“Floaters” is a videoclip made from Timelaps moives sent by our supporters. This video promotes Daniel Drumz‘ debut album “Untold Stories” 2LP , which is available worldwide in CARGO DISTRIBUTION.

Thanks to everybody who was involved in this crazy project.

video edited by Sonar Soul

Ada Sztandarska,
Agnieszka Stefańska,
Green Curry,
Patryk Larwiński,
Grzegorz Gospodarek,
Unknown Graffiti Writer,
Filip Świtoń,
Permanentny Dźwięk Światła,
Marcin Maszczyński,
Mateusz Lipert,
Wojciech Bronisław,
and many more…

Thank you everybody for the videos!
Big up!

-- 24/03/2015 @ 17:17

Daniel Drumz – Untold Stories 2LP

“No Sleep Till Kraków” is a new videoclip which promotes Daniel Drumz‘ debut album “Untold Stories” 2LP.

Fifteen years in the game, countless shows in hundreds of clubs, a massive vinyl collection, numerous musical guest appearances, a handful of cult mixtapes, and two EPs – it’s all quite an achievement for an artist who is only just releasing his debut album.
The man in question is Daniel Drumz, an artist who has spent his career dissecting the sound of hip-hop, jazz, disco, UK garage, broken beat, house, and techno, building sets and producing tracks that furiously steer clear of being pigeonholed into a single sound.

Untold Stories [UKM 036] will arrive as a double vinyl, with visual design by Animisiewasz Startt and featuring the cover artwork of street artist Nawer. The album has combined Daniel’s diverse inspirations, his vast experience, and his unique familiarity with the club scene, resulting in an strikingly mature release. It’s an album that will pique the interest of both hardened clubbers and those simply looking for a compelling listen.

“It was a long journey. In the meantime, many things have been omitted or unspoken, and in this album I’ve tried to tell some of these untold stories from my own perspective.”

As is befitting for a fully-fledged LP debut, the album has no featured guest artists. What can be heard is an amalgam of analog synthesizers and vinyl samples. The uniquely warm sound of Untold Stories can also be credited to Mikołaj “Noon” Bugajak, who was responsible for the fully analog mastering of the album. Even the vinyl was pressed at 45 RPM ensuring the highest quality of sound.

As usual, the album will be sold as a limited edition release with special attention paid towards the visual side of the project. This will be the 26th vinyl release from Poland’s home to analog electronic music – U Know Me Records.

Promomix of the album:

-- 29/01/2015 @ 17:25