Producer whose unmatched sound design stems from the intrinsic admiration for both hip-hop and modern electronic music. His tracks shine out with multi-layered structures riddled with gloomy bits and elements, all jogging on carefully executed broken beats. Teielte’s 2010 debut album 'Hoeworkz’ launched the U KNOW ME catalogue and his latest 'Wooden Love’ ep is making waves and reaping stunning reviews and feedback the world over. He performed at numerous venues and festivals including Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Boogie Brain or Heineken Openair and shared the stage with Black Milk, Sbtrkt, Dimlite, DELS, Fulgeance, Robot Koch, fLako, The Clonius, Ghostpoet. He has also done some remixing for Robot Koch, Daniel Drumz, Envee, en2ak, Ptr1, Liquid Molly, Mcq, Pablo Hudini, Lower Entrance and Łona & Webber.

All Things LP
Crystalline EP
Wooden Love