Twoosty Mayonez „Carmin”

„Carmin” is the title track from the debut album of the duo Twoosty Mayonez.

Things don’t always go your way, especially when your plans involve space travel. In the case of Captain Harrison Focus’s expedition, it started innocently, but no one was prepared for an emergency landing on the mysterious planet Carmin. Only then did the real fight for survival begin. This record tells the story of a dangerous expedition into space that began on February 6, 2023.

Twoosty Mayonez consists of Bartosz Wolert (drums) and Dominik Kaniewski (bass guitar and synthesizers). „Carmin” is their debut album, which is released primarily on vinyl by U Know Me Records.

Twardowski „One Coin Clear”

After a six year hiatus Twardowski returns with his fourth album on U Know Me Records. The newest outing is a retrofuturistic trip to the author’s two biggest influences: instrumental hip-hop and… video games.

The album will be released in two vinyl versions – one for U Know Me Records and very limited one for JuNouMi Records.

JANKA – MIDI Life Crisis LP

On March 8th 2021 the duo’s debut album, „MIDI Life Crisis” will be released. Daniel Szlajnda and Piotr Kaliński once again prove that there is much more than just musical chemistry between them. What we can hear there are fascinations from dubby minimalism and IDM to jungle and rave – it’s hard to label this unique mature album which should be a pleasant surprise for people open to electronic music. „Modern vintage” might be a good description of what we experience there, music is pressed on modular and analog synths and unusual sampling is drowned in delays and reverbs. However it’s not from the late ’90s, nothing is typical or obvious, the sound and the style of JANKA are unique.

ŻYŃY – Falling in Blue LP

„Falling in Blue” album is not a debut, but the first album released under a professional music label. ŻYŃY played on most of the instruments (percussion played on MPC, guitar parts, bass, Hammonds, organ, synthesizers, and scratch), brass parts were played by Tomasz’s friends from the Academy of Music – Kacper Grzanka and Patryk Rynkiewicz trumpet, Kacper Krupa saxophone. The vocal is used in a quite unusual way, sampled, and treated as an equal instrument. „The vocal samples in most of the songs are short phrases, which I then modulated and on which the whole piece is usually based, therefore it is often one sentence or a few words, I like this procedure very much because a few words can give a lot of meaning”, Tomasz says.
The new ŻYŃY’s album, which also opens the second decade of U Know Me Records, is to be the beginning of a new chapter in the artist’s career. He constantly produces new material and tells very modestly, but boldly about his plans for the future.

Immortal Onion – Ausfahrt XD EP

The fourth 10-inch EP from the 10th anniversary of U Know Me Records series comes from Immortal Onion. The album consists of 5 pieces. For those missing live concerts there are 2 songs taken from the band’s performance on 8th of August at Jassmine club in Warsaw. The B-side starts with a rework of the song called „Leaving”, originally composed by Hania Rani (who often performs with 2 members of Immortal Onion). The next song (“Zu Hause”) was created especially for this album as the result of the band’s experiments with electronics. The EP closes with a rework of “Eye Tracking” – a song from ”XD [Experience Design] – made by Kadrych.